Beloved, like the elephant that symbolizes it.
Bold, like the sun coming up over the rift valley.
  • Colombia

Premium Arabica Coffee is a highest grade of arabica coffee, highest grade is obtain by passing through various of sorting machine such as sizing, gravity, and manual hand sorter.

We believe that only highest grade coffee can bring out the full potential of the coffee flavors.

We serve a blend origin pure arabica and single origin arabica beans from several around Indonesian coffee.

Product Variances

Aceh Gayo****Earthy, Herbs, with chocolate aftertaste
Peaberry / Jantan*****with slight of earthy and herbs, fruity aftertaste
Flores*****Fruity taste with sight of chocolate and orange flavor
Sidikalang****Herbal aroma with chocolate taste slight of fruity after taste
Bali*****Flowery aroma and fruity taste
Toraja****Chocolate and nutty with a very classic woody finish
Lintong*****Woody and Fruity with slight of chocolate finish
Tim-Tim****Herbal aroma with woddy taste
Long Berry****Chocolate aroma with slight fruity taste and sweet aftertaste
Pappua****Herbal aroma with chocolate aftertaste
Special Blend****Chocolate with slight of fruity finish
Malabar Natural*****Passion fruit aroma with peach flavor and flowery scent sweet aftertaste